We meet at the last examination of the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan.
Simona graduated with a thesis on the design of the new Pavia trade fair, and enrolled in the Order of Architects of Milan.
Alessandro presents a thesis on the recovery of the agricultural landscape and architectural heritage of the upper Garda region in the province of Brescia, enrolling in the same Order of architects.
After collaborating with the architects Antonio Citterio & Patricia Viel and with the designer Paola Navone, Simona is dedicated to the exhibit design, collaborating with exhibition fairs such as Micam, Mipel, Anteprima, and in the interior and retail design, developing research and new design channels; disciplines such as holistic and feng-shui, and visual merchandising become complementary instruments of an eclectic and international experience.
Alessandro collaborates with various architectural agencies of Milan, including CalviMerliniMoya, where he deals with design till the scale of detail, and the DeCarloGualla studio, where he develops his experience in the retail field in particular as the project manager for the development and application of the concept for the Napapjiri clothing brand, working on a European scale.
Since 2002 we have been following independent projects under the acronym adsr, collaborating with private clients and companies on national and international levels, focusing on the complementarity of our skills in the creative and technical fields.
With the opening of our agency in via Friuli in Milan, we collaborate intensively with fashion and design companies, particularly in the integrated projects of points of sale and showroom through the visual merchandising with our innovative method that leads us to collaborate with companies such as Calzedonia , Carpisa, Thun, Lineapelle. With the same method on an urban scale, we collaborate with public administrations and chambers of commerce for the enhancement of the territory and its commercial aspects.

The approach to the project between creativity and technique remains a key-element also in architectural planning for real estate and private clients.

We are passionate for teaching; since 2006 we hold multiple training courses of excellence for foundations, institutes and schools of fashion and management, including the Accademia del Lusso and the Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, in postgraduate specialization masters; we are invited as lecturers for the Catholic University of Milan and the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University of Castellanza.

In 2013 we decide to give us a changement and move to the southern of France to develop new job opportunities and other research and development channels. Alessandro enrolls in the national order of French Architects.

We still collaborate with Italian fashion companies such as Coltorti, for luxury visual merchandising, and Navigare, for the development of the retail channel through visual merchandising advisory; at the same time we develop traditional Provençal and contemporary architecture projects and interior design projects with a different cultural approach, without constraints and in continuous evolution.

Since 2014 we hold courses in visual merchandising and design & space management for: the university AMU Aix-Marseille, Kedge Design of Toulon, Cours Bessil of Montpellier, and from 2017 we are in charge of the Sup de Luxe Institute – Cartier Foundation for courses in the MBA in Global luxury management. From 2018 Simona is coordinator and professor for the visual merchandising specialization course at IED ModaLab in Milan.

We develop with the same passion personalized projects investing in contacts, research and strategies, translated into discoveries, meetings and scenarios to tell and live with the enchanted vision that distinguishes us with a design experience that has lasted more than 15 years.

Please to meet you: WeareDianiRiva.



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