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Marseille-Milan-Paris: starting from September the new academic sessions of visual merchandising and space management, sociology of fashion and sales courses and Parisian masters in global luxury management and food and wine management. A lot of personalized training courses for 3 institutes of excellence between France and Italy with our experimented method. Enjoy!


After 4 months, the renovation of the traditional villa in Salon de Provence is about to be completed with the finishing of the external walls and a new arrangement of the garden around the pool: interior spaces reinterpreted with the architectural extensions to live with the family in the hills under the sun of Provence.


Confirmed the planning of the construction site that will soon start for the realization of the take-away area with a renovated interior entrance; a new system project to take advantage of the specialty bistro of Olivadors in the village of McArthurGlen designers Provence outlet.

Bastide H


A new provencal bastide, following the typical concept of traditional architecture of the southern of France.

The new house construction project considers the proportions of more volumes, the presence of “genoises” roof drain, wood and stone, the traditional roof slopes, the architecture external color, the large windows and obviously a pool surrounded by olive trees . A typical space of the southern of France: the place to be in the countryside village of Frédéric Mistral.

Maison C


A zen woman’s house in a “crown tree” residential concept.

The spaces are developed in a vertical sense, as a tree, discovering a crown to live in; a secret shelter through flows and functions within the Fibonacci harmony’s theory. The colors style complete the balance between the harmony and the new vitality of the spaces.

Attic Apartment GP


An attic apartment for a young family with a renovation project of personalized furniture.

The surface of 100 square meters of the attic apartment, as a loft style, is organized and designed as an alternation with a neutral color walls and with customized furniture. White is the main color to amplify the brightness and the multilayers wood material is the leitmotiv of every furniture detail.

McArthurglen Provence

Visual merchandising as instrument of suggestion in the organization of visual paths for sale.

Every visual merchandising project reinterprets the seasonal themes in the stores of the “Village de marques” through the enhancement of the paths and different points of view.

Each window display, as a scenery showcase, creates a focus to guide consumers’ eye to buying.


Visual design management and new scenery for the new brand identity

Visual merchandising actions and solutions are integrated with the retail design to valorize the new identity of the historical Italian brand in a contemporary vision and to improve performance of the stores with new visual codes .

Working with marketing & communication department and the technical and operating sections, the advisory project creates new in-stores dynamics and continuous scenery to suggest customers with seasonal messages following the commercial calendar.

Storytelling JPO2017


During the “Journées Portes Ouvertes” 2017 promoted by the National Order of French Architects, the temporary design event tells about 15 years of DianiRiva’s projects attitude with a symbolic storytelling catwalk..

Every projects has the power to become a personal story: from the first meeting to the jobsite and the delivery of the space. As a catwalk in the special place of the old chapel of Espace St. Agricol, the free path of the exhibition leads to different stages of this storytelling: the audience of seats, where our clients participate symbolically; the brick puzzle where every visitor can lay the first bricks of his own story; the project’s walls that tell about our personalized method.

QLMCP Ambassade


The first floor in the halls of the Hôtel de la Rochefoucald-Doudeville, seat of the Italian Embassy, hosts the exhibition “Quando la moda cambia pelle”, organized by Anteprima by Lineapelle.

The project of exhibition reveals the original interpretations of the Italian tanning tradition, shown by twelve young designers . Every magnificent room is a scenery to reproduce the artistic attitudes of 18’ century in a contemporary vision of fashion leather system.

As an artistic atelier, bags, shoes and leather clothes are exhibited with an easel-mirror system with a steel ribbon to put in evidence every detail. The new leather seasonal collection of Anteprima is presented as an orchestral group.

To complete the emphasis of this event, graphic and communication concept are designed with the ribbon theme, a subtle symbol, conducting thread of the artistic creations of the emerging designers.


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