Diani Riva ArchitecteS


Our approach to every project is an amazing multitasking research.

To satisfy the final vision of the client we combine thoughts, sensitivities and developments of ideas in a combination of different expressions: graphic, material, experiential.

We are architects with a 360 degrees vision in many disciplines: architecture, design, retail, passing from the visual merchandising, the graphic communication and the education.

We manage a great know-how combination inspired from Bruno Munari for his creative eclecticism and the sense of curiosity that play with arts, techniques and theirs provocations. The attention to quality and to details with “fantasy, invention, creativity and imagination” is our reference to have an innocent view of things with a great long–sighted depth.

We make projects approaching with the expression of the Fibonacci’s golden ratio: starting from simple geometric shapes we research the harmony and proportion of spaces as in the nature: people has to feel good in their spaces.

We are seduced from a revival of the memories and new emotions that every our work can generate; through the enchanted eye of the children- as Chagall did with his expressionist approach to the color and with the awareness of representing life through spaces that tell- we create a storytelling scenery in every project.


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