An urban project of 187 hectares to develop the emotional side of the town centre; a research of the new cultural model to re-develop the town with the urban values of the environment, monuments and historical buildings till the services, parks, recreation and commercial areas.

The challenge achieved, committed from the Town Hall and the Chamber of Commerce, called Centro Commercio Urbano, is to give highlight to the city center and its commerce integrated with the town and their “town customers” as well as the management of a typical shopping center.
Tradition and innovation into the town center are the basis of this feed-back between macro and micro elements to link this intangible “urban visual merchandising”.

The choice of new 3 axes, called “passeggiate”, puts in evidence some new town shopping and fun experiences, from the flows and paths of the town to the architecture and the shop activities, till regular events to give emphasis and a new identity.



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